Walker Movers specializes in the moving, handling and storage needs of office and industrial businesses. Our years of office moving experience have enabled us to develop efficient procedures to help you orchestrate your entire move from plan development to implementation.

Your business is exposed to risks well beyond the cost of the movers you engage. Hiring an experienced, commercial office relocation company will assure your business is moved quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, minimizing downtime while maximizing productivity. Your employees should leave work at the close of business and arrive on the first business day following the move prepared to continue with their normal assignments. At Walker Movers we perform most office moves after regular hours and on weekends in order to allow you to do what you do best – run your business uninterrupted.

Selecting An Inexperienced Mover Can Be Costly
They may underestimate the amount of work required to do the job right the first time – extending the moving timeline
They may pack files backwards and then misfile them when unpacked
They may not ensure that office computers and equipment are properly disconnected and reconnected
They may not properly pack expensive office equipment – resulting in damage